More About Trinity Nursery & Gift Shop

How to Find Us

Trinity Nursery, 885 Main Street, WeavervilleWe are located at 885 Main Street — also known as Hwy 299 — in historic downtown Weaverville, Trinity County, California.

At 100 miles east of Arcata and 45 miles west of Redding on Hwy 299, and 75 miles south of Etna on Hwy 3, we are nestled at the base of the Trinity Alps.

You can visit this Google Map of the Weaverville area to get a good sense of where in northern California we are.

Once you’re in Weaverville, we’re easy to find! We recommend using the detailed map below as Google Maps still has some trouble finding addresses in rural areas.

Map to Trinity Nursery, Weaverville

A Little Trinity Nursery History

Trinity Nursery is a full-service, independent, family-owned nursery located in the small mountain town of Weaverville in Trinity County, California, at an elevation of 2000 ft.

The shop first opened as Trinity Nursery and Florist in 1979. The nursery-florist combination served the community well selling trees, shrubs, and seasonal bedding plants in addition to fresh cut flowers. In 1984, Steve and Betty Pestoni purchased the business.

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Early on, they added gifts to the floral department and started down the path of turning the nursery into a full service garden center. By 1988 the business had outgrown its original home and they moved to the larger piece of property where we are today, 885 Main Street (Hwy 299).

With more room and a bigger building (the historic Colbert House built in 1865), the garden center and florist continued to grow. By the late nineties word had spread and the garden center was attracting customers from Humboldt, Shasta, and Siskiyou Counties as well as all parts of Trinity County. Our customers often mention that our unique plant selection and great quality is why they make the drive to Trinity Nursery.

In 2004 Steve and Betty closed the floral department and focused the gift selection to showcase gifts for gardeners and their gardens, and expanded the garden center — especially in the areas of organics, pottery, and gardening supplies.

After 33 years of growing Trinity Nursery, Steve and Betty were ready to retire and pass the business on.  In 2018, Trinity County native (and long-time customer), Naomi (Merwin) Goulette and her husband Nick Goulette purchased Trinity Nursery.  They look forward to continuing to grow the community institution that Trinity Nursery has become for Trinity County’s residents.

Trinity Nursery & Gift Shop Today

Today, Trinity Nursery offers our customers the best of a small town, old-fashioned nursery with the advantages of a modern garden center. Our advice, tailored to help our customers become successful, along with quality products are as important to us now as they were to Steve and Betty 30 years ago.

The plant varieties we carry are carefully selected with our hot summers, cold winters and short growing season in mind (we are in Sunset and USDA Zone 7, shifting toward Zone 8).  Fruit varieties are chosen for their tolerance of our late spring frosts. We also carry a wide selection of plants that perform better at higher elevations than they would in the valley because of our colder winters. These include Lilacs, Peonies, and a great selection of trees famous for their brilliant fall foliage.

One advantage of our cooler weather and later springs is that our plants stay dormant longer. This allows for a later bareroot planting season and less transplant shock when planting container plants in spring.

We are proud to offer a wide range of organic and natural products ideal for the home gardener or small commercial grower. We are also a Master Nursery Garden Center and carry many of the Master Nursery brand fertilizers, soil amendments, pesticides and other garden products you have grown to trust.

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In addition to our nursery plants and products, we carry a broad selection of items for your outdoor living that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. These include pottery and planters, statuary, fountains, benches and other garden art. In our gift shop, you will find wind chimes, house plants, and a wide selection of functional and artsy garden-inspired gift items.

We invite you to come wander the meandering paths and informal displays that make up much of our garden center. Visit often as we are bringing in new products throughout the season and the displays are always chaging as new products arrive.

The natural beauty of our area makes the drive to Weaverville beautiful no matter what direction you come from. If you are interested in making the trip into an excursion, our small town offers a variety of restaurants and choices for overnight accommodations.

We look forward to seeing you in the nursery!

Nick & Naomi Goulette