What We Carry: Plants, Organics, Soils, Seeds, Gifts and More

We are a full-service, independent garden center offering a wide range of organic and traditional products ideal for the home gardener or small commercial grower.

In addition to landscape plants, we carry a broad selection of items for outdoor living that are attractive and functional including pottery, planters, statuary, fountains, and other garden art.

Bedding Plants at Trinity NurseryBedding Plants

We offer a wide selection of bedding plants – annuals, perennials, vegetables and herbs — in a variety of sizes.

Trinity Nursery in the autumnNursery Plants

We take special care to ensure the plants we sell are well-adapted to our cold winters, late springs, and hot, dry summers. A large percentage of our nursery stock comes from Oregon (rather than from southern California), so our plants start out better acclimatized to our northern California weather.

We carry a large selection of organic fertilizers and pest controlsOrganics

We are proud to offer a wide range of organic and natural products ideal for the home gardener or small commercial grower. These include vegetable and herb starts, seeds, soils and soil amendments, fertilizers and pest control products.

Gifts and houseplantsGifts

In our gift shop, you will find wind chimes, houseplants, wild bird feeders & food, hats & Sloggers™, indoor pottery and a wide selection of garden-inspired gift items.

Bareroot fruit and ornamental treesBareroot Plants

In Weaverville, bareroot season typically runs from mid-January into April. We carry a large variety of fruit trees and a good selection of roses, ornamental shade and flowering trees. Plant lists are available in the nursery or by clicking on Bareroot in the sidebar to the right.

Soil Amendments

There are many different soil types in Trinity County — that’s why we carry different types of soil amendments! Let our staff help you pick the right amendment for you.

Master Nursery Black Forest Organic CompostBlack Forest® Organic Compost

A blend of forest humus (redwood and fir bark) composted and screened to a uniform 1/4″ minus size. Fortified with chicken manure, bat guano, kelp meal and worm castings. A premium soil conditioner for trees, roses, vegetables, and lawns. Fortified with iron and nitrogen. Will not deplete soil of preexisting nitrogen like untreated products. Loosens hard, compacted soils to improve drainage. Excellent top dressing.

Master Nursery Bumper Crop Organic Soil AmendmentBumper Crop® Organic Soil Amendment

A blend of composted fir bark, rice hulls and forest humus fortified with 15% chicken manure, worm castings, bat guano, kelp meal and beneficial mycorrhizae fungi. pH balanced with dolomite and oyster shell lime. An all purpose planting and garden soil amendment. Excels as a nutrient-rich top dressing and mulch.

Master Nursery Gardeners Choice All Natural Planting MixGardeners Choice™ Planting Mix

A 100% natural, organic planting mix that combines a rich blend of ingredients including worm castings, kelp meal, bat guano, chicken manure, alfalfa meal and real topsoil. Gardener’s Choice is excellent for flowers and vegetables.

Master Nursery Paydirt Soil BuilderPaydirt™

Premium organic soil builder and top dressing containing chicken manure, redwood sawdust, and mushroom compost. Provides the organic matter necessary to improve soil structure for superior plant performance. Recommended for flower and vegetable gardens and as a top dressing to new or renovated lawns.

Master Nursery Eureka Planting MixEureka™ Planting Mix

A ready-to-use premium planting mix and soil conditioner containing fir bark, mushroom compost, perlite and gypsum. Master Nursery® planting mix is formulated to be used at planting time for flowers, shrubs, trees and vegetables. Ideally suited for azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons and other shade-loving plants. Use it straight from the bag or mix with your garden soil.

Master Nursery Top Soil PlusTop Soil Plus

A blend of sandy loam topsoil and redwood sawdust. Perfect to fill in holes, low spots and small excavations.

Organic Potting Soils

These bagged soils are perfect for pots and planters.

Dr Earth Pot of Gold Organic Potting SoilDr Earth Pot of Gold Premium Potting Soil

Organic and 100% natural, this potting soil is formulated from a fine selection of composted material that helps your plants become established. There are no animal manures in this potting soil. Dr Earth’s exclusive ProBiotic® beneficial soil microbes plus endo and ecto myccorhizae are key components. Myccorhizae extend the plants’ root systems to assist with improved performance and vigor. A big differentiator in the Dr Earth potting soils is their broad-spectrum soil inoculants which help break down organic material and aid in overall plant performance.

Recipe 420 Potting SoilRecipe 420 Organic Potting Soil

The secret recipe grower formula for vital growth and optimum impact. This 100% natural & organic formula is carefully crafted to provide the ideal conditions for flower production. Recipe 420 is a blend of premium aged fir bark, coir, sphagnum peat moss, pumice, earthworm castings, seabird guano, crab meal and humic acids from Leonardite. Enhanced with mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial soil bacteria and microbes including Streptomyces lydicus.

Master Nursery Masters' Pride Professional Potting SoilMasters’ Pride Professional Potting Soil

A ready-to use organic and natural soil ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Contains a natural blend of ingredients including peat moss, worm castings, chicken manure, bat guano, kelp meal and beneficial mycorrhizae fungi.