What to Plant in Your Trinity Garden

We’re here to help you create a beautiful garden whatever that may mean to you. Is it a native plant garden? One full of fall color? How about one the deer might leave alone?

Below are a few articles that can help you on your way. Some are plant lists while others provide useful gardening tips. While we don’t always have every plant listed in stock, we can usually find them for you.

Deer resistant plantsDeer-Resistant Plants:

Annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees are included and ranked on their deer-resistance — from “somewhat” to “very”.

Keeping Pesky Deer Away: We also recommend some products to help make plants more deer-resistant.

Trinity Nursery in the autumnAdding Fall Color to Your Landscape:

Living in the mountains, we have a great selection of plants that put on a show in the fall. Yellow, orange and red foliage, colorful berries — every garden should have something that looks spectacular in the fall. Check out this plant list to find the right plant for your yard.

Western DogwoodNative Plants for the Trinity Garden:

Perennials, shrubs and trees: we often have a nice selection of California and Trinity County native plants that do well in a cultivated garden.

Cut FlowersThe Cutting Garden:

Whether you dedicate a special area in your garden or incorporate them into your landscape, it is always nice to have flowers for cutting. We recommend annuals and perennial flowers that will do well in your Trinity garden and also provide some tips that can help keep your cutting garden in bloom.

Pink Dogwood GardenChoosing the Right Tree:

Choosing a tree for your yard can be a big decision. You want a tree that will thrive in the location, look the way you would like, and perform the function you had in mind. Here are some tips that will help you pick the right tree.

Diagram of container plant planting tipsTree and Shrub Planting Tips:

Whether your plant comes in a pot or not (for example: bareroot or balled & burlap), this article can help you dig the right hole, amend the soil and more. OK, it doesn’t actually help you dig, but you know what we mean!