Caring for Your Bareroot Plants

During bareroot season we carry a great selection of fruit trees and ornamental trees, shrubs and vines at a great value. (Click on Bareroot Lists in the right sidebar to access the plant lists.)

Bareroot Roses Arrive Bareroot plants are different from container plants and require special care — starting at the grower and continuing through to planting in your garden.

By definition, there is no protective layer of dirt around a bareroot plant’s roots, so it’s very important that care be taken to protect those roots — protect them from overheating, drying out, freezing and from over- or under-watering.

bareroot-healing-inWe carry only quality field-grown plants from reputable growers. We protect the roots by heeling them into sand immediately upon arrival. We know that damage to the tender roots can kill your plants before you even get them in the ground.

We follow-up our good care with good advice to you. We recommend bareroot plants be planted the same day they leave the nursery. You may even want to dig your holes before you stop in to pick up your bareroot plants.

This may not always be possible, so we can recommend some ways to keep those roots moist and cool until you can get them in the ground. As always, if it works better for you, we’d be happy to hold your bareroot plants for several days to give you time to prepare your planting holes.

We also provide handy Tree & Shrub Planting Tips that will help you dig the right size hole, choose the right soil amendment and fertilizer, and generally get your bareroot plants off to a great start.

Happy planting!