Mother Nature Works with You on Fall Planting

Every year we say “Fall is a great time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials!” Do you ever wonder why? Here are some of the reasons.

Soil Temperature

ThermometerEven though the air starts to cool in the fall, the ground retains its warmth for many weeks. The warm soil encourages your plants to develop new roots. The more developed their root systems are, the better your plants will absorb water and nutrients. This is especially important come the hot days of summer. Planting in the fall allows for many months of root development before summer heat arrives.

Soil Moisture

Dew-covered leafKeeping your new plants watered is much easier in the fall. The cooler air temperatures and seasonal rains help prevent the soil from drying out as quickly as it does during the spring and summer. You still need to water, but usually not as often as in the warmer months.

These two benefits of fall — soil temperature and soil moisture — combine to help your plants become healthier and more “established” before the heat of summer arrives.

Young perennials planted in the fall have not only the benefit of becoming more established before summer, but will bloom bigger and better than if you waited to plant them in the spring.

So don’t put those planting tools away this fall. Get out in the garden and plant!