Protecting Frost-Sensitive Plants

As winter moves into spring, we all start anticipating the bounty of our summer vegetable harvest. Spring can be a little rough on frost-sensitive plants in Trinity County — both the edible and the ornamental varieties.

To help you get a jump on the growing season, we carry a few products that can protect your plants from frosts and freezes. If you are unsure of which is best for you, just ask.

Season Starter water wall in the NurseryWater walls: The Season Starter water wall is a great product that provides more than just frost protection: it actually provides the additional heat your summer vegetables need to grow in our spring weather.

Reusable water walls provide great protections for individual plants. You can set up your water wall in mid-April to help heat up the soil. When you’re ready to plant, place one of these water-filled mini-greenhouses around each of your frost-sensitive plants. Water walls can extend your growing season by up to two months!

Grow It Now! Plant ProtectorPlant Protectors: The Grow it Now! Plant Protectors is a reusable polyethylene dome designed to protect your plants from wind, snow and low seasonal temperatures. Each plant protector is easily installed over individual plants. Two plant protectors can actually be snapped together to create a larger protector.

Frost cloth: Rows of seeds or plants can be protected from light frosts with medium-weight, reusable frost cloth sheets. This breathable fabric can help trap warm inside and prevent frost from settling in on your plants. We carry frost cloth in bulk — 12-foot width that is sold by the foot — which comes in two weights: .5 oz. light and 1.5 oz. medium. We carry smaller, packaged frost cloth, too.

FreezePruf Frost ProtectionFreezePruf Spray: This eco-safe spray actually improves your healthy plants’ natural cold tolerance by approximately 2° to 9° F, depending on the variety of plant and the duration and intensity of frost or freeze. It works great on both crops and ornamental plants.

FreezePruf is a water-based, eco-safe spray that enhances the plant’s natural mechanisms to resist freeze damage, shielding it from ice crystal damage and increasing its ability to survive cold temperatures by reducing the freezing point of water inside the tissues of the plant. Protection lasts up to four weeks with normal precipitation.