Starting Your Own Seeds Indoors

We carry a great selection of veggie, herb and flower seeds including a wide variety of organics, heirlooms, open pollinated and hybrid.

SeedlingsCool weather veggie seeds (for example, lettuces and carrots) can be planted directly into your garden in early spring, but for those of you who want to start tender flowers, herbs and vegetables — plants that prefer the warmer weather — you don’t have to wait for warmer weather, you can start them indoors!

For indoor starting, we have different types of table-top seed starting plastic trays including open trays and cell trays with clear plastic lids sold separately.

For individual seed pots, we like the convenience of our peat pots. Seedlings can be planted pot-and-all into the garden as soon as the weather allows. We have other options including fiber and plastic.

Seedling rootsThe best “soil” for starting your seeds actually includes no dirt.  It’s lightweight “soil-less” mix specially formulated for seed starting, allowing new, tiny roots to develop more easily.

Many seeds need the soil to be warm in order to germinate. Heating mats placed under the pots or trays are a great way to achieve this.

If you are starting your seeds indoors and need some extra light for your seedlings, we have full-spectrum grow lights that help concentrate the light where you need it most.

And if you need help remembering what you’ve planted where, try our handy white plastic row markers.

Let us help you pick all the right supplies for your seed starting fun!