Trinity Native Plants

Western Redbud, Cercis occidentalisWe just received a great selection of Trinity County native plants that are great for the home garden.

  • Trees: Quaking Aspen (4′-5′ tall), California Buckeye (2′-3′), Vine Maple (2′-3′), Western Hazelnut (3′-4′) and White Alder (3′-4′)
  • Shrubs: Mock Orange and Western Redbud (pictured)
  • Perennials: Showy Milkweed, Western Bleeding Heart and Northern Arrowleaf

The shrubs and perennials are all in 1-gallon pots.

We often have other Trinity County natives in a variety of sizes. Check out our web article Native Plants for the Trinity Garden for a list native plants that do well in a cultivated garden. Then stop in to see what’s in stock.

Great plants, great prices and a great time to get them in your garden!