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There are two ways to stay updated on all the latest at the Nursery via email!

e-Newsletter Mailing Liste-News Mailing List: We send out our e-Newsletters on a regular basis throughout spring, and then as appropriate through the rest of the year. These e-Newsletters include announcements of sales, new arrivals and other timely gardening info. You can sign up for this mailing list on our Connect page. If you already receive our e-News, there is no need to sign up again.

Website update emailsWebsite Updates: You can sign up to receive an email every time we post something to our Home page. We announce a sale? You are first to know. We announce some new arrivals? There it is in your inbox.

Just click the Sign Me Up! box in the right sidebar and a confirmation email will be sent to you. (Yes, the confirmation email may use terms like “follow” and “blog”.) You can also choose to receive your emails immediately, daily or weekly.

Give it a try!