We’re Back!

After a brief winter closure, the Nursery reopened for business on Monday, February 3.

Trinity Nursery Store HoursWe have most of our bareroot in stock–both edibles and ornamentals!

They are perfectly dormant and ready for planting. Bareroot plant lists are posted on this website – scroll down this page, or click on Bareroot Lists here or in the right sidebar.

We also have seed potatoes (yes, a little too early to plant!), onion and garlic sets, and early-season veggie and flower seeds.

Looking for a little color to brighten up your winter garden? How about some blooming pansies and primroses?!

Remember, as long as you can work your soil, that is if it’s not muddy or frozen, you can plant cold-hardy bareroot and bedding.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the nursery!