Arbor Day Planting

Grass Valley 4-H Club planting a tree for Arbor Day 2014

Grass Valley Creek 4-H Club: This is the tenth consecutive year Lewiston youth have participated in this Arbor Day celebration.

Congratulations to all of the local community organizations who took advantage of our Arbor Day promotion by planting trees.

  • Grass Valley Creek 4-H Club planted a Fuji Apple at the Lewiston Community Garden
  • Weaverville Lions Club planted a Red Oak at Lowden Park
  • Hayfork Watershed Research and Training Center planted an Oregon Ash along Hayfork Creek
  • Lewiston Garden Club planted a Flowering Plum at the Lewiston Cemetery
  • Willow Creek Community Services District planted a Susan Magnolia at the Elementary School
  • Lewiston Community Services District planted a Chaste Tree at the Lewiston Botanical Garden
  • Lewiston Sparkies planted a Weeping Willow at the Deer Meadow Disc Golf Course
  • Weaverville Cemetery Association planted a Maple at the Weaverville Cemetery

We look forward to watching these trees grow throughout our communities.