We’re Back!

After a brief winter closure, the Nursery reopened for business on Monday, February 3.

Trinity Nursery Store HoursWe have most of our bareroot in stock–both edibles and ornamentals!

They are perfectly dormant and ready for planting. Bareroot plant lists are posted on this website – scroll down this page, or click on Bareroot Lists here or in the right sidebar.

We also have seed potatoes (yes, a little too early to plant!), onion and garlic sets, and early-season veggie and flower seeds.

Looking for a little color to brighten up your winter garden? How about some blooming pansies and primroses?!

Remember, as long as you can work your soil, that is if it’s not muddy or frozen, you can plant cold-hardy bareroot and bedding.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the nursery!

Onion Sets & Cover Crop Seed

We just picked up a newGarlic shipment of onion, garlic and shallot sets. Plant them now for harvest next year.

We also have a new shipment of cover crop seed, great for erosion control and the legume mix for adding nitrogen back into your soil … naturally.

4 Deliveries in 4 Days!

Last week was a busy one here at the nursery. We received four plant deliveries in four days! Lots of beautiful nursery stock including some of your favorite deer-resistant barberries, colorful spiraea and heavenly bamboo, stately arborvitae and weeping atlas cedars.

We received bedding plants, too. We’ve filled up our benches with mums of every color and have a great selection of cool-season veggies. (See our article Fall Bedding Plants below for more details.)

Click on any of these pictures for a slide show of our new arrivals.

Fall Bedding Plants

Ornamental cabbageBedding plants for late summer and fall have started to arrive: color, veggies and perennials!

Ever thought about planting a fall vegetable garden? The same plants we grow in the cool spring also do great in the cool fall: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale and lettuce, to name a few.

Cool-season veggiesHow is your perennial garden? Are you looking to add to it? We have also received a nice selection of perennials. They are cold-hardy, so will survive our winters just fine. Plant them this fall for bigger, bloomier plants next season.

Stop in to check out these new arrivals!

Trinity Native Plants

Western Redbud, Cercis occidentalisWe just received a great selection of Trinity County native plants that are great for the home garden.

  • Trees: Quaking Aspen (4′-5′ tall), California Buckeye (2′-3′), Vine Maple (2′-3′), Western Hazelnut (3′-4′) and White Alder (3′-4′)
  • Shrubs: Mock Orange and Western Redbud (pictured)
  • Perennials: Showy Milkweed, Western Bleeding Heart and Northern Arrowleaf

The shrubs and perennials are all in 1-gallon pots.

We often have other Trinity County natives in a variety of sizes. Check out our web article Native Plants for the Trinity Garden for a list native plants that do well in a cultivated garden. Then stop in to see what’s in stock.

Great plants, great prices and a great time to get them in your garden!

Spring Plant Showcase

We have received some really exciting and spectacular plants this week. So spectacular (we think!) that we’ve put together another “Plant Showcase”.  Check out the reblooming, evergreen Encore Azaleas, hardy (yes, hardy) Crape Myrtles, dwarf butterfly bushes, drift roses, a raspberry plant that does well in pots, and so much more.

Plant showcase, frontPlant showcase, back

Our e-News, website visitors, and Facebook fans are receiving an early preview of the Plant Showcase. The rest of the community will get to see photos of these great plants in next Wednesday’s Trinity Journal.

We hope you enjoy this showcase selection of new and exciting plants we think you’ll love! They all have unique characteristics and are cold-hardy. We have many more gorgeous plants than we can showcase here, so please stop in the nursery to see them all!

Click here to download your very own pdf copy of our Plant Showcase for printing.

Lady Bugs, Mantids and Worms, Oh My!

Yes, Dorothy, they’re here! Our favorite garden critters: beneficial insects and composting worms. But that’s not all that’s new in the nursery.

Garden artWe’ve been receiving a steady stream of gift items including wind chimes, solar lights, garden art, wood ornaments and more.

Bareroot strawberries are here, and a new shipment of certified organic veggie starts arrives this week!

Garden Art

Garden GnomesEaster BunniesLooking for a little turtle or frog to accent your water feature? How about some wildlife that won’t eat your plants? We have the cutest garden art in stock including squirrels and bears, bunnies (perfect for Easter?), garden gnomes and more. Click on these images for larger views.